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Paige Peavler


Founder and CEO


I have a passion for entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of creating positive change. After starting my career in a large Consumer Product Goods brand, I searched for an opportunity to apply my skills in a more purposeful and impactful way. I found this opportunity as the General Manager of the first School of Rock franchise in the Midwest. Despite facing significant challenges and a steep learning curve, I persevered and successfully established the Chicago location within 9 months. My experience and success was recognized, and I was promoted to a leadership role where I developed and shared effective strategies and best practices for hundreds of franchisees. Today, I work with potential franchisees to achieve their dream of purchasing a child based franchise and walk them through the First Steps to Success.

Thinking about purchasing a child based franchise?

Many first-time franchise owners fail because they chose the wrong franchise and lacked the know-how to build a successful business. The world of kids-based franchises can be overwhelming and confusing for first time franchise owners.

So what does it take to choose a franchise business? Three things:

Right Model: Finding out if a kid business is right for you and how much capitol you will need to get started will help you narrow down the choices.
Right Plan: Identifying what skills will help you succeed and what skills you need help with will determine what kind of owner you will be.
Right Framework: Developing the right tools and plan of action will ease the stress and guesswork of your purchase.

Only Fran-Kids Consulting guides you through your First Steps, so that you make the right decision saving time and money.

I know that purchasing a franchise is a BIG decision. You don’t have to do it alone. Fran-Kids Consulting can put you in the driver’s seat and give you the tools to succeed. I can ease the stress of indecision and give you the power to make an informed decision about purchasing the right franchise for you.

Set up a free half hour Franchise Consultation Call with me today at:

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